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Who We Are

Conflict is not always a negative thing. Here at Medialogue we are more interested in ideas than in products. We enjoy working with causes and campaigns, diving into crisis and, why not, dealing with a little tension.

We understand programming languages, apps, web design and social networks like we understand Brazil. We can cite state officials by name, we follow votes in Congress, cases in the Supreme Court and economic indicators. Digital is not just a part of our work, it’s the center. But we also believe that there is no digital communication. There is only communication.

Today it’s possible to express yourself and be understood in 140 characters or less. That's great, but sometimes you need to write a whole book to tell the story. We have written a few. We have also created websites, apps, launched entire digital campaigns and edited good old-fashioned magazines.

There is no conflict between data, creativity and intuition because one improves the other. Experience is important, and so is a proven track record.

In the last four years we have put our ideas to the test by working for some of the largest and most demanding companies in Brazil, NGOs, high stakes political campaigns and governments. In a way, we continue to do what we have always done. Medialogue was created by journalists who witnessed and helped explain some of the most important events in recent Brazilian history.

In conclusion, we are digital like everyone else. But our work is different. And our heads are too. Yes, yes... we know that everyone thinks they’re different. So let’s have a chat, you may agree with us.

What We Do

Issues, Data, Content
And Social

Medialogue is a digital agency that understands Brazil, its causes and issues. Our job is to promote ideas, create campaigns, produce content, mobilize, develop applications for the web and collect and analyze data. We know that the digital landscape is too vast to be embraced by a single company, especially one with such a short history as ours.

We prefer to focus our efforts in areas where we have already been tested and where we can do better. We want customers with great challenges. We offer them our full dedication. What we do best:

Campaigns and issues

We create, plan and execute social campaigns to promote causes and ideas combining online and offline communication strategies.

Data analytics and mining

We mine and organize information from primary sources, set up databases and draw conclusions. We rely on technology and our experience to identify, sort and analyze data.

Content and development

We develop websites, blogs, portals and applications. We produce videos, graphics, publications, manuals, brochures and e-books, for online and offline initiatives.

Social and web monitoring

We structure complex web monitoring and data analysis operations on the web and social networks. We identify key speakers, issues, trends and explain the social opinion.

What We've Done

From Paper
to Digital

In just over four years Medialogue has worked for some of the largest companies in Brazil, for NGOs listed among the most influential in the country, government officials, corporate leaders and several media companies.

We have worked alongside more than a dozen NGOs and professional associations to create campaigns, produce studies and analyze their influence on the web. We have also worked with some of the largest companies in Brazil to manage crisis and develop digital strategies.

We developed strategies and provided data analysis services to major candidates in the last two Brazilian presidential elections. We have coordinated digital campaigns for candidates running for state government, the Brazilian House and Senate. We created highly complex web projects, including news portals and collaborative platforms, plus dozens of websites. We managed social media channels that reached over 1 million fans and followers. And developed data analytics strategies that allowed us to monitor and analyze over 600,000 data points daily over dozens of profiles.

Medialogue is responsible for creating and conducting the most influential study on Internet and politics in Brazil: Politician 2.0 (Político 2.0 in Portuguese).

We edited two books and several e-books and manuals. We produced over 1,000 interviews, 300 of them on video.

Medialogue’s projects have been featured in the most relevant Brazilian media outlets including Veja magazine, Folha de S.Paulo and Época magazine. And that’s only what we’ve done here at the agency. We have brought to Medialogue decades of combined experience in newsrooms across major media outlets. But that's the past. We want to talk about what lies ahead.

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